Louis York Share The Power Of Music On ‘Headphones’ & Announce New Album ‘Healing Feeling’

Photo Credit: Travis Commeau

Louis York are ready to begin a new era of their brand of New American Soul on their new album Healing Feeling. The Nashville-based duo comprised of Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony preview the project with the release of the lead single “Headphones,” and their pen game and production are as strong as ever.

Kelly and Harmony address the healing power of music as it pertains to our mental health on “Headphones.” The duo expounded on this theme on Instagram when the song was released, stating in part, “Right now people should be paying close attention to their mental health so we’re offering up a melody and a message that might heal someone the way music has been healing us.”

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One need look no further than the double phenomenons of D-Nice‘s Club Quarantine and Swizz Beatz and Timbaland‘s VERZUZ during the global pandemic to see how music helped to get us through some dark days and nights. But whereas CQ and VERZUZ both shine a spotlight more on music to get the party started and dance away the blues, “Headphones” focuses on the sad songs that speak to our hearts and minds and help to pull us through the blues. Claude gets straight to this on the chorus as he sings, “Sometimes it takes a broken heart to fix a broken heart / Nothing anyone says to you can do what a sad song can do / It takes a tortured soul to reach a tortured soul / Nothing in the world gets you through quite like a sad song can do.” Throughout the song, he namechecks Bonnie Raitt and Marvin Gaye, two artists and musical healers with an uncanny knack to capture your feelings with their music. (“I Can’t Make You Love Me” and “Distant Lover,” anyone? Whew!)

Turn the audio and music video for Louis York’s “Headphones” on, and turn the world off. The track is available from your choice of digital music providers for download or to stream. Stay tuned for more soul food with a message from Louis York when their new album Healing Feeling is released later this year.

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