KIRBY Wants You To Prove Your Love On ‘Break Her Heart For Me’

KIRBY is a woman known for not holding back her words or feelings — at least that’s true when it comes to her songs. The singer-songwriter and writer of some of your favorite songs by your favorite artists showed just how feisty she was on her EP Sis. Our good sis keeps that same energy flowing with her frank new ballad “Break Her Heart For Me.”

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KIRBY never needs much to get her point across, and she goes pretty minimal for this track as well. Organ keys, faint strums of guitar and ticking drums are all that create the musical canvas here. Still she manages to paint a very clear picture with her vocals and lyrics. She sings from a broken heart in a Mississippi drawl as she seemingly plays the role of the other woman. However, this woman knows exactly how to get what she wants. “Now you’re moving on / You tried to do it quickly / That’s so silly,” she slyly sings at one point, veiling the threat that comes next. “How’d you forget the way that I loved you / You don’t have to say a word / I know the first, the worst about you.” She then politely demands that he break his main chick’s heart to bring his love to her.

We’ve never heard a song with so many threats (“I got a couple pictures I could leak / Let’s go see / You should think about what you gon’ say to me,” she sings at one point) and demands sound so sweet. But if there’s anyone that can pull off the balance, it’s KIRBY. Get into her latest when you press play.

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