Justine Skye Bosses Up On ‘In My Bag’

After hooking up with Timbaland as the sole producer for her latest project, Space & Time, we can’t blame Justine Skye for boasting and bragging on her latest single “In My Bag.” The track is a boss b***h anthem where Justine lets the haters know that she’s too busy working hard, playing harder and living her best life to give an “F” about a hater. “When I’m in my bag, I stay in my bag / I’ma have to call you back / When I’m done throwing it back, back / I work so hard so I can throw this cash / And I’ma make it all right back,” she confidently sings o the chorus over Tim’s signature production that contains some of his hallmark sounds, specifically from his mid-2000s era. The track is a fun, summertime bop that will stick in your head before you know it.

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Justine brings the track to life with some help from her friends, models/influencers Amilna Estevao and Yasmin Wijnaldum, as they flaunt their flyness throughout. The clip starts with Justine and friends chilling in their futuristic loft as the song “Do It Right” plays. Bored and ready to have some adventures, the trio dip out to run the streets of NYC. They end up at an outdoor restaurant and all of the diners show the ladies love while they collect their phones and mobile devices in a bag, encouraging everyone to live in the moment. The end of the video sees Skye and her besties returning home and entering a room full of old computers and television screens. They take a  baseball bat to all of the devices, smashing through all of the virtual negativity. But while this was all fun and games, a haunting voice reminds them that they too can still fall victim to the peer pressures of social media.

The visual for “In My Bag” follows out-of-this-world clips for previous singles “Intruded” and “Twisted Fantasy.”

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