Justin Nozuka Revels In New Love With ‘Nova’

Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Nozuka is a pro when it comes to crafting a love song. Last we heard from him, he’d joined forces with songstress Mahalia on “No One But You.” He’s back at it again, though, with the release of his latest single “Nova” and its cute music video.

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“Nova” is a happy and upbeat song buoyed by bright guitar work and dreamy synths. Of course, it’s also helped by Justin’s signature falsetto and his romantic lyrics about finding love. He talks of meeting the woman of his dreams on the verses as he gives her the reasons that they should be together. It’s the chorus, however, that conveys his feelings best. “It’s like I hit the lotto / Things going my way / Heart’s about to stop/ By that look on your face,” he sings breathlessly. “You got me in my feelings / The type I can’t shake / If both of us are vibing / Then why should we wait?”

The video continues this vibe. Instead of showing him chasing his leading lady like the song suggests, however, the two are already together and enjoying each moment. We see them going on cute dates together while camera tricks make things feel as dreamlike as the song. Their bright smiles clue us in to how happy they both are and their infectious joy spreads through the screen.

Start your day off with a little bit of loveliness when you stream the latest from Justin Nozuka right here. Then stick around and keep the good vibes going with the song’s video.

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