Jordan Rakei Confronts The State Of The World With 'Clouds'

Jordan Rakei has been sticking to matters close to home with his recent singles "Family" and "Send My Love," which will both appear on his upcoming album What We Call Life. For the project's third single "Clouds," however, the singer-songwriter is expanding his worldview to tackle the uncomfortable subject of race and discrimination.

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The song itself was inspired by the civil unrest that's occurred in recent years. In order to express his feelings on the matter, the artist created a haunting song that deals with the issues with his signature poetic lyrics. The musical backdrop is created with layered vocals and synths as Jordan sings. "Birth right / I'm standing in silence / Holding on for dear life / Reprimand acquired," he sings on the first verse as he addresses his privilege and the change that must come. "Ignorant to my compliance / Hold tight / It's getting too violent / Race into the moonlight / Find a way to hide it / Leading myself to defiance." The telling lyric is on the chorus, though, when Rakei sings, "Black clouds by the moon / Therе's a righteous world inside of you."

"That whole movement made me think about this a lot, and then therapy enabled me to write about it," Jordan said in a statement. "I’d never been that open about this in the past." His openness is welcome at a time where every voice speaking out counts.

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