India Shawn Has A Disco Daydream In ‘DON’T PLAY WITH MY HEART’

India Shawn doesn’t mind warning a potential lover about what he’s getting into. As soon as the butterflies enter her stomach, she sends them a red flag and lets them know in no uncertain terms that they can play it cool, but don’t play her for a fool. The first warning we got was on “NOT TOO DEEP” featuring 6LACK. Now she’s following up with the funk-fueled “DON’T PLAY WITH MY HEART.”

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Of course, the way India delivers that warning makes you want to stay, as she charms you with her witty lyrics and melisma. “You’ve been spending time in my mind / And the butterflies are flying / Running through my veins like vines / I should stay away but,” she coos on the first verse before launching into the uber-catchy chorus. Produced by D’Mile, the track has a breezy throwback vibe with live instrumentation complementing Shawn’s vocals perfectly.

India Shawn throws it back in the video as well, where she channels some of the great disco divas of yesteryear. The David Camarena-directed clip described as “A Disco Daydream,” starts with India laying on her shag carpet with some old records scattered around and a record player. She puts on an old album and is immediately transported back to the ’70s, where she gives us her best disco diva impression. There are disco balls, kaleidoscope visuals, wigs and beautiful gowns galore.

“DON’T PLAY WITH MY HEART” is the latest release from the Cali-based singer who has been teasing us for a minute with the aforementioned “NOT TOO DEEP” and subsequent singles “MOVIN’ ON” and “TOO SWEET.” We’ve loved all these loosies, but we’re hoping to get something a bit more substantial from India in the form of an album or EP soon.

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