Trevor Jackson Shows Us Some Moves In 'Tiny Dancer'

Trevor Jackson is currently back on our TV screens in the latest season of grown-ish. But we shouldn't forget that the talented Mr. Jackson also recently put out his debut album The Love Language. Perhaps to make sure that we don't (or maybe to take advantage of cross-promotion), the heartthrob made a visual for his track "Tiny Dancer."

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The clip features just Trevor and his leading lady in various rooms of an extravagantly decorated house. While his wardrobe doesn't change much beyond the removal of a shirt and shoes. The "tiny dancer" of the clip changes many times, however. And we're not just talking about clothes. In every scene, she's wearing something different and also trying on a new style of dance as well. Trevor, meanwhile, matches her moves with his own sex appeal. The two different approaches meet in the middle and prove to make this one a beautiful, sensual watch.

"I wanted to give the visual representation that shows that versatility is a beautiful thing," Trevor said in a statement about the video. "As my lovely counterpart displays in the video, you can see her switch up her flow and style of dance depending on what she's wearing."

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Watch Trevor Jackson and his lady dance their way into your hearts in "Tiny Dancer" when you press play.

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