Syd Takes Us For A Mellow Ride In Her ‘Fast Car’

Syd has seemingly been everywhere lately. She’s popped up in collaborations with Disclosure and her Internet bandmate Patrick Paige II. She even made a cameo in the video for Anderson .Paak‘s GRAMMY-winning track “Lockdown.” When she wasn’t busy popping up on other people’s projects, she’s also given us new solo music with “Missing Out” and now her newest single/video “Fast Car.”

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Syd, who has never shied away from expressing her sexuality in her work, continues blazing her own trail with “Fast Car.” “So kiss me like you mean it, girl / I’ll turn up the speakers, girl / Ain’t no one around to see / Ain’t no paparazzi,” she sings. “Do the little thing you do / And I’ll reach out my hand to you, ooh / Take me where you wanna go / Doesn’t matter, near or far / If I’m drivin’ your fast car.” Helping her paint a romantic picture is a sun-soaked production full of mellow synths, programmed drums and even an electric guitar solo. They all make for a nice sentiment that’s sure to be a perfect summer soundtrack to vibe out to with the one you love.

The music video picks up on the song’s vibe as we follow Syd and her girl on a day out. They dip in a Jeep while on the road. Their destination is uncertain, but PDA is definitely on the route as they kiss, cuddle and get closer than close. They eventually get out of the vehicle and onto the hiking trail as they spend the day and night among nature. Eventually, we see the Jeep defy the laws of physics as it flies across the horizon.

“I wanted to make something for the gay Black girls,” Syd said about the video in a statement. “I want them to see themselves in this and in me.”

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Check out Syd’s “Fast Car” when you listen to the stream and watch the video below.

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