Prince Promises A Very 'Hot Summer'

Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur

Prince fans are in for a treat this summer as the late singer's previously shelved album Welcome 2 America is set to arrive in a week. The album promises to be a politically charged one with songs such as "Born 2 Die" and the title track offering critiques on America that, sadly, still resonate. But the album won't be all serious moments, as the set's latest single "Hot Summer" shows.

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"Hot Summer" finds Prince mining his previous work to create something new. The track has the beach-y rock elements of "Cream" while capturing the fun, youthful feel of tracks like "Raspberry Beret" and "When You Were Mine." Prince evokes the atmosphere of a party as he promises a good time. The song's short verses are hopeful about the times to be had while building up to the punctuation of the chorus, with him singing, "I think it's gonna be a hot summer / Just wait and see / Hot summer / Shoo-be-doo-bee / Hot summer / As long as you're my company." Sure, these aren't Prince's most substantial lyrics nor is the song particularly profound. It is a reminder, however, that sometimes it's nice to just enjoy the life around you even when things seem a little grim.

This summer has already been a scorcher, but you wouldn't mind it just a few degrees hotter, right? Listen to the latest from Prince when you press play and be sure to pick up Welcome 2 America when it drops on July 30th. Also, be sure to get the lowdown on how the album was created by listening to the companion podcast The Story Of Welcome 2 America, which is available now on all platforms.

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