Kiana Ledé & Kehlani Can’t Fight Their Feelings In ‘Ur Best Friend’

Kiana Ledé and Kehlani have a hot one with their single "Ur Best Friend," a slinky slow jam about creeping with each other behind the back of the former's boyfriend and the latter's homeboy, and they turn up the heat even hotter with the track's music video. The ladies bring the scandalous scenario to vivid life in the clip also directed by Kehlani.

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In the "Ur Best Friend" visual, we catch up with Ledé and Lani at their dude's birthday party. Kiana is hugged up on her man, played by rapper/actor Vic Mensa, while Kehlani plays the role of the loving best friend who hosts the gathering and raises a toast to her boy. The happy couple takes it to the dance floor for a little birthday sway, where we see Kiana eyeing Kehlani over Vic's shoulder and Kehlani returning the furtive glances. To quote the great poet Keith Sweat, it's clear that "somethin', somethin' just ain't right." We soon see in a flashback scene that these two have been sneaking and freaking when Ledé sends Kehlani nudes from the bathtub when she comes to the crib to pick Vic up to go play some ball.

Meanwhile, back at the function, Vic pours it up with his boys as Kiana and Kehlani steal away for some alone time together. The lighting changes to a seductive haze of purples and blues, and they get a little closer before Kehlani pumps the brakes to stop things from going further. That turns out to be temporary, however. At the end of the night, with Vic drunk and passed out after a little too much turning up, Kiana and Kehlani can't fight their feelings any longer and share a passionate kiss. Unfortunately for the ladies, the old saying "What's done in the dark eventually comes to light" turns out to be true as their sneaky link gets discovered by the very one they were keeping it from.

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Woo, chile! This video is better than an episode of The Young & The Restless. See how this 3-minute modern soap opera plays out when you watch "Ur Best Friend." Stay tuned for more heat from Kiana Ledé who is said to be working on her new album for release this fall.

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