Kevin Ross Addresses Modern Romance On 'Looking For Love'

Love in the social media age is pretty hard to navigate, leaving many lacking in the love department. Singer-songwriter Kevin Ross understands that feeling. He understands it so much, in fact, that he put his feelings of frustration to song with his new single "Looking For Love."

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The song is a breezy slice of R&B that sounds like it's setting the mood for love at first listen. Closer scrutiny to the lyrics will get at the track's true meaning, though. Kevin uses the guitar melody and shuffling groove to address a woman who doesn't seem to know what she wants out of love. It's a situation that has Kevin so frustrated that he has to send her on her way until she figures it out. He does it with a certain smoothness, though, as he sings on the chorus, "Baby, if you're looking for love / Girl, sooner or later you're bound to find it / Can't keep holding onto what was / You gotta be willing to trust in something / If you're really looking for love / Girl, sooner or later you'll know it's right here / It'll come when you open up / 'Til then we'll keep in touch."

"It may sound nostalgic but the story is a very present-day situation," Kevin said about the song. "Our generation is the first to experience how social media affects how we love. We have more options than ever before, so when we are met with the smallest issue, we’re quicker to leave to find someone more 'compatible.' Looking for love is more difficult than ever yet everybody wants to find it. The real question is, once we find it, can we keep it?"

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That idea might be one that Kevin Ross explores on his new project Drive 2. The next in line to his Audacity EP series is still in the works, but the singer has revealed that "Looking For Love" will be featured on the project. While we wait to see what he has in store, give "Looking For Love" a spin when you press play.

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