Arthur Lewis Is Back To Say ‘Hello Love’

Arthur Lewis is a name we haven’t heard for quite some time around these parts. We last mentioned him here at SBHQ way back in 2008 when we proclaimed him Bounce-Worthy. Now, 13 years later, he’s bouncing back on the scene to make us fall in love with him all over again with the release of his brand-new single “Hello Love.”

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The singer-songwriter, who happens to be a member of the Tony Award-winning collective Freestyle Love Supreme, makes a joyous return with the track. It’s filled with horns, a bouncy bass line, guitar that makes you want to dance and drums that give it a sense of movement. Arthur’s voice is also full of happiness. Perhaps that’s because of the moment that inspired the song’s creation when Arthur saw a couple jumping into each other’s arms. That joy is captured on the chorus, with him singing, “Hello love, where have you been? / Got a lot to tell you about / Hello joy, you’re back again / Wanna sing and scream and shout / Hello girl, let’s find the ceiling / And hope we don’t come down / Hello world, tonight’s the feeling / Gonna turn you round and round / Hello love.”

The feel-good soul of the single has us feeling quite euphoric. It also makes us want more from where this came from. Here’s hoping that we don’t have to wait another 13 years to get new music from Arthur Lewis. Listen to “Hello Love” when you press play and make sure to pick up a copy of the single from your digital retailer of choice.

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