Otis Kane Is Haunted By Love In 'Can't Stay Away'

Fresh from last week's release of his debut album Purple BLUE, Otis Kane has a new drop for his fans to get into. This time around, he's bringing the bluesy track "Can't Stay Away" to life with a music video.

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"Can't Stay Away" finds Otis pining over a woman who's got him feeling all the feels. We see a version of that play out in the visual, which features Kane and the woman he can't stay away from. We see him going about his daily activities around his house, and the woman, played by model Jenly Crespo, appears out of nowhere while he sleeps, when he's meeting with friends and other random times. The gag is that Otis is the only one who can see her, though. Is she a ghost? Is he hallucinating? Is he going crazy? Is this all a dream or a nightmare? Watch to the end to decide for yourself.

Director Clara I. Aranovich-Valdés decided to shoot the visual on 16mm Kodak film, which gave it a grainy, vintage feel. Superimposed images of Kane and his leading lady and some quick cuts added to the creepy look of the clip, befitting the plot.

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"Can't Stay Away" can be found on Otis Kane's highly recommended debut Purple BLUE available wherever good music is sold or streamed.

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