Joy Denalane Offers Parental Wisdom On ‘The Show’

Joy Denalane has a confession: she’s human. While that’s not exactly breaking news, it may not be totally obvious to her children who see their mommy as the sun, the moon and the stars. As they should. But as we grow and become more and more a part of the world, we realize our parents aren’t the infallible people we were raised to believe under their roof. A complex situation for sure, Joy brings light and understanding to this growing pain in her latest single “The Show.”

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“When you’re walking through the circus / And realize there’s no more perfect / If my mistakes come to the surface / I’m sorry I was part of the show,” Joy laments on the chorus to the stirring ballad. The lyrics to the track are fresh and imaginative, coming away almost like a child’s fairy tale, intending to teach a difficult lesson. Meanwhile, the production courtesy of Robert di Gioia adds drama and intrigue, going from laid-back guitar licks to a soaring orchestral arrangement. Joy brings her A game vocally, doing vocal gymnastics to keep up with the fluctuating production.

Joy Denalane’s “The Show” is the second piece of new music from the singer this year, following her cover of Bill Withers“Use Me,” which she released in March. We look forward to more new music from Motown’s German Queen of Soul to soothe our souls in 2021.

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