Hiatus Kaiyote Joins The Space Race In Order To ‘Get Sun’

We’re mere days away from the release of Mood Valiant, the new masterpiece from Australian quartet Hiatus Kaiyote. The crew has had us jamming for quite some time, but this one feels like a creative resurgence from the crew thanks to singles such as “Chivalry Is Not Dead” and “Red Room.” But it’s the joyful funk of the lead single “Get Sun” that has lingered most with us and it finally gets a visual befitting of the group’s quirky vibe.

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The clip finds the HK crew going cosmic after seeing a travel commercial offering voyages to the sun. After tapping their piggy banks, cryptocurrency accounts and couch cushions, they get to crafting their very own unique and wacky ways to get the galaxy’s largest star. Each of their initial approaches doesn’t cut the mustard, however, leaving them having to settle for the moon. The satellite proves fruitful, however, as they discover a station wagon that just happens to be decorated with the name of their upcoming album that eventually gets them to their destination and transforms them into brand new creatures.

Mood Valiant will hit the scene this Friday (June 25th) and promises to be another thrilling musical ride from Hiatus Kaiyote. Hopefully, its arrival will also herald more videos in the vein of this one. Get into “Get Sun” when you press play.

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