Hiatus Kaiyote Aims To Get Close On ‘Chivalry Is Not Dead’

Hiatus Kaiyote has come to be known just as much for their lyrics as they have their intricate and soulful musical stylings. Usually spawning directly from frontwoman Nai Palm‘s pen, they can be simple and moving at times and at others esoteric and enigmatic. Either way, we can’t get enough of them, which is why we’re happy about their upcoming album Mood Valiant. We’re also happy that we get another preview with their latest single “Chivalry Is Not Dead.”

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Lyrically, “Chivalry Is Not Dead” is one of the more direct of their tunes. Don’t mistake that for being any less beautiful, though. Nai Palm sings of being various animals and insects, each drawn to the object of her affection in a different way. “If I were a hummingbird your wings would beat like thunder / Orbit in a fly display, as if to gently say / ‘Kiss the flowers, ultraviolet,'” she sings at one point. It’s all in an effort to get closer than close to her lover. Helping her get her message across is feverish instrumentation that flutters through the verses and explodes in funky ecstasy on the chorus as she explains that being close is all she wants to do.

“Chivalry Is Not Dead” is another winner from Hiatus Kaiyote and only further cements that Mood Valiant will be an automatic purchase when it arrives on June 25th. Get into the latest from the wonders from Down Under when you press play.

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