Eric Roberson Shares A Few ‘Lessons’ In Love

“God has a funny way of showing you lessons,” Eric Roberson sings as the opening line of his newest single “Lessons.” The ballad is about Erro realizing that his unanswered prayers, heartbreaks and other things that didn’t go as planned were actually part of God’s plan that led him to the right one. “The song was recorded on the morning of my 12th wedding anniversary to my wonderful wife Shawn,” the King of Indie Soul shared via press release. “Being blessed to be with a woman who has had my back and who completes me, helped put me in a special mood to create.”

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On “Lessons,” Roberson reminisces about his past relationships and is high-key thankful they didn’t work out. “Now I realize that everyone who let me down led me to you,” he sings on the chorus, pouring his heart out over sparse production of rhythmic guitar and percussion. While the production is simple and soft, it is far from basic, and Roberson’s vocals and harmonies make everything feel lush and full.

For the “Lessons” visual, Eric takes us to a real-life wedding. Through director Steven Jon’s lens, we watch a couple on their journey to and down the aisle. The clip starts with Roberson sitting alone in the wedding venue before the ceremony starts and crooning the smooth tune. From there, we get different scenes of the beautiful couple preparing for their big day, meeting at the altar and ending in wedded bliss.

Listening to “Lessons” and watching its music video makes us want to get married just so that Eric Roberson can sing this song at the nuptials. This SoulBounce fave has another timeless love song on his hands that we suspect we’ll be hearing a lot of.

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