Devin Morrison & Amber Navran Embark On A ‘Nu Beginning’

Whenever Devin Morrison puts out new music, we want to blast it from a rooftop. This is the music the world needs to hear, especially those that claim that real music is dead. The Orlando-native has a style all his own and a tone that is instantly soothing to our spirit. His latest single “Nu Beginning” is no different, and this time he joins forces with none other than Moonchild frontwoman, Amber Navran. The two float over the breezy, piano-laden track as they sing of starting over. While the thought of beginning from scratch may seem like a daunting task to some, they approach their journey from a place of optimism singing, “I’m running it back / I got a new beginning / I’m starting all over again / Ain’t no holding me back.”

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This latest release is not only empowering in its sentiment, it is also timely. These days, many are struggling to pick up the pieces shattered by the pandemic and everything else that the last year had to offer. “Nu Beginning” serves up the type of inspiration and resilient energy many need right now. Devin explains, “A season where a lot of things in my life are changing, this felt appropriate.”

Run Devin Morrison’s “Nu Beginning” featuring Amber Navran below, and make haste to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform. While there’s no word on whether the track is part of a follow-up project to his 2019 debut album Bussin’, we’re enjoying the output from his Dreamsoul experience.

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