Teedra Moses Dazzles Us With Exquisite Looks In ‘Make Me’

Teedra Moses already let us know that she likes the finer things and that she’s an exclusive kind of woman with her singles “Cashmere Compliments” and “Make Me.” One adjective that she forgot to include, however, is exquisite. She doesn’t have to say it, though, as she shows and proves that in the recently released Maxx & Madison-directed video for “Make Me.”

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Though modern in look, the clip’s constant use of superimposed images takes on the ’80s aesthetic of the song. This and the impeccable lighting and costume choices make Teedra shine bright as she makes her case for being the only one you’ll ever need. It’s a proposition made even more tempting by her wardrobe of a sparkling, skintight catsuit and cape and lavish gowns that she dons throughout the clip’s runtime, giving viewers an effortless sex appeal. She’s also backed a who’s who cast of collaborators in Rose Gold, Iman OmariPatrick Paige II and Uncle Chucc, who act as her band for the occasion and give us all the vibes on a rotating stage behind Teedra. Basically, “Make Me” is a classy, sexy production from a woman of which we would expect nothing less.

Get into the extravagant realness that is Teedra Moses when you watch her “Make Me” video below.

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