Shakka & GoldLink Take Us To An African Paradise In 'Solo'

Award-winning British artist Shakka collaborating with GoldLink was already a hot idea. When we got to hear the fruit of the collaboration on their song "Solo," though, it had us ready for a long, hot summer (post-vaccination, of course). To make the idea of that even more enticing, though, the fellas have gone and made a video that increases our longing for a summer that's coming up on the horizon.

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The visual for "Solo" takes us to the motherland. More specifically, Shakka travels to the shores of Accra, Ghana to bring his vision to life. There, the singer-songwriter meets a beautiful woman who leads him on a chase through the sights and sounds of the city. He follows where she leads, eventually taking us into the city itself, including the busy streets and even an in-progress construction site for a dance break. We eventually end up at a steamy party where Shakka and his lady dance the night away. GoldLink also appears in the clip, those his scenes were shot in London. Despite that detail, the footage of him is cut in with care as to not break up the party scene's flow.

"Just like many others, I spent 2020 in London under a nationwide lockdown so I wanted the video for 'Solo' to feel like a paradise; to feel like the moment we’re all able to reconnect and see the outside world again," Shakka said about the video in a press release. "This whole experience is a romanticist's pursuit of love; a story told from the tropics of Accra, Ghana."

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Shakka is still putting the finishing touches on his debut album, but the visual for "Solo" should be more than enough to tide you over until it's released.

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