Samm Henshaw Finds Money Just Creates More Problems In ‘Still Broke’

Samm Henshaw is the king of the feel-good jam, but even the happy-go-lucky artist isn’t happy all the time. He focused on the not-so-shiny happy side of success and the consequences that come with it on his song “Still Broke,” which he previewed during his COLORS performance from late last year. Now he’s giving the song the official single and video treatment to bring his message to the masses.

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The track focuses on his realization that success and money don’t really change your problems. “Days spent, trynna find love inside a paycheck / Don’t know what happened, I always paid debts / But now I’m some guy that I don’t know,” he sings on the opening verse. “Days spent, tryna make some more so I can pay less / Couldn’t even focus on my interests / Just waiting for my girl to call.” By the time the chorus comes around, he’s realized that he’s sold out and has nothing to show for it. 

“When I wrote ‘Still Broke,’ I’d just been dropped from my label and broken up with my girlfriend right around the same time,” Samm said of the song’s creation. “It’s a song about how you can have everything you want in the world but still feel quite empty, and how success is actually internal — which is a lesson I’d needed to learn.”

The visual illustrates Samm’s dilemma by featuring him in a expansive mansion living what many would consider the dream. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though. We see him walking through the halls and going through the motions with tears constantly falling from his eyes. Not even literal platters of money or a video of the song’s featured guest Keyon Harrold playing trumpet can help him find his smile again. Eventually, we see a man walk up to what we assume is his front door to deliver the news that he doesn’t actually live there. It’s only then that Samm’s smile eventually comes back as we see relief slowly dawn on his face.

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The visual for “Still Broke” is the first entry in the artist’s Untidy Soul video series, which will have more chapters coming as the year progresses. Get into the latest single and visual from Samm Henshaw when you press play below.

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