Rob Milton Finds Himself Falling In Love On ‘You Know It’

We’re just over a week out from the release of All Boys Cry, the new full-length from the one and only Rob Milton. The prolific singer-songwriter gave us a preview of what was to come with the set’s lead single “Cry.” After dropping off the moody track, Rob is ready to warm things up with the next selection from the set, “You Know It.”

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The single, produced by Dana “Big Dane” Johnson, is strung together with bouncy synth and a floating melody that is reflective of the subject matter: falling in love. “Baby your smile is contagious / You love is wild it’s outrageous / Try to take my time but it’s major / The way you blow my mind is dangerous,” he opens before beginning to tell the listener about the love he’s feeling. Though it’s got him all kinds of discombobulated, Rob doesn’t want the feeling to stop and he has an idea that the object of his affections has a clue as to what’s going on. “This feels so good and you know it / I don’t think we should and I show it / But don’t stop this groove in the moment,” he admits on the chorus as the song finds a sweet spot. The groove here is so nice that at a certain point Rob decides to ride it out to its conclusion, allowing listeners to bump along as he falls deeper and deeper.

Give the latest from Rob Milton your undivided attention when you press play below. All Boys Cry is set to arrive on June 4th. Pre-orders for the set, which Rob calls “the music that I’ve wanted to make my entire life,” are open now.

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