Kindred The Family Soul Show Us How To ‘Break It Down’ At The Roller Skating Rink

Soul music’s favorite auntie and uncle, Aja Dantzler and Fatin Dantzler better known as Kindred The Family Soul, have never had a problem being affectionate with each other. They’ve put their love thang on Front Street their whole career while showing how you make a relationship work with things like communication, understanding, transparency and intimacy. You know, that real grown folks business. If you’re in need of a lesson in love from the married duo, they “Break It Down” for you on their latest single.

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“Break It Down” is a slow jam about feeling secure within your relationship and letting your partner know your love is solid as a rock. The intoxicating groove is composed of lush guitar licks, hi hats and bass, setting the mood for some sexy time. Aja and Fatin are also applying pressure with their undeniable vocal chemistry. “Hey boy, how can I let you know how much I love you? / I’m always at a loss for words,” Aja sings coyly in the first verse. Fatin confirms their bond is unbreakable, telling her he’s there to “protect and serve.”

Kindred takes us to a roller skating rink for the “Break It Down” visual. Auntie and Unc are working the skate counter, but neither one is going to get employee of the month as they are more interested in working on each other. The frisky pair steal away for a little sneak and freak time in a backroom leaving some rowdy customers to call for the manager. When they’re not loving up on each other, Aja and Fatin join the skaters in the middle of the rink to perform. At the end of the clip, the lovebirds strap on some skates and get their roll on.

“Break It Down” can be found on Kindred The Family Soul’s seventh studio album, Auntie & Unc, and deserves a spot on your own get down to grown folks business playlist.

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