H.E.R. & Chris Brown Are Ready For A Secret Rendezvous In ‘Come Through’

H.E.R. let us know that she’s good and grown when she dropped the visualizer for her new single “Come Through” featuring Chris Brown. She oozed sex appeal in the simple black-and-white clip that showed her primarily in shadow, but when the light hit her viewers got an eyeful of her ample bosom and sweat glistening all over her body. With that introduction to this new H.E.R. era, we weren’t sure what kind of buck-naked affair might be in store when the official video dropped. Well, the “Come Through” clip is now here, and while it isn’t as freaky deeky as we were expecting, it’s no less sexy or engaging.

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In a scene reminiscent of the beginning of Janet Jackson‘s iconic “That’s The Way Love Goes” video, the video starts with H.E.R. and her crew just kicking it on the patio. One of her homegirls asks her about that new track she’s been hiding from them, but H.E.R. is preoccupied with a text exchange with her boo. Her friends give her the business before her inquisitive girlfriend grabs the phone out of her hands and takes it over to the sound system to play the single. From there, the video transitions to a scene of H.E.R. dropping it like it’s hot with her back against a wood-paneled wall. Once darkness falls, she’s joined outside by Breezy, and they sing together and hit some quick body rolls in unison. That’s not who she’s linking up with, though. We soon see her tall, fine boo thang slide through for their secret rendezvous. H.E.R. and he have smoldering chemistry in their steamy scenes with each other whether surrounded by people or one-on-one. The visual ends with the two lovers taking a romantic motorcycle ride through the city streets.

Is it hot in here or is it just H.E.R. and this “Come Through” video? Whew! Our girl has come a long way from hiding her face behind dark glasses and her body in baggy clothes, and the transition to vivacious vixen is being tastefully handled. Press play to peep H.E.R.’s sexy evolution.

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