Full Crate & SABRI Want Answers On ‘Tell Me Why’

Super producer and DJ Full Crate recently teamed up with another talent based in Amsterdam, singer-songwriter SABRI. On “Tell Me Why,” the duo pleads for a bit of clarity in a relationship muddled with mixed signals. Over the soulfully-vintage track, SABRI’s tone overflows with passion as she seeks answers from a lover whose actions leave her questioning whether her love is enough.

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In addition to a lyric video, the duo also saw fit to treat fans to a livestream session where they discussed everything from the song’s inspiration to the creative process. Both noted the course to completion as quite the “journey,” citing that the original production was much different from the finished product. Musicians and music enthusiasts in attendance heard snippets of the original intro, keys and drums and were able to follow along to where the track ended up. While SABRI recalls the two of them allowing themselves to flow in a different direction than originally intended, Full Crate refers to the project as “a record that challenged me as a composer and songwriter.” He says, “I’m honestly so proud of my musical growth and that I allow myself to be in the moment and just create.”

Listen to Full Crate’s “Tell My Why” featuring SABRI below, peep the lyric video and be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform. If you still haven’t gotten your Full Crate fix, check out the live performance of his previous single “Rollercoaster” featuring GANGS OF KIN and Elique Curiel on NPO Radio 2’s Muziekcafé.

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