DUCKWRTH Finds Ways To Show Love In A Pandemic In ‘Kiss U Right Now’

The pandemic has been tough on everybody. But you know who it’s been especially tough for? Single folk. While the boo’d up at least had a romantic partner with them in the house, single folk were forced to either be all by their lonesome or try to do the romance thing via dating apps and video chats. DUCKWRTH captures those early quarantine days of longing with a bit of a sci-fi twist in the video for his SuperGood single “Kiss U Right Now.”

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The clip features the singer/rapper playing the role of a super cautious individual trying to make it through the panny. Everything in his home has been sterilized and covered in plastic (even his clothes for the day come in pre-wrapped plastic pouches). His germophobic nature isn’t great for his relationship, though. In fact, it forces them to try to get lovey-dovey over poor internet connections and even via a very advanced virtual reality headset (this section of the clip also gives us a first listen to the studio version of “make u go,” which he premiered live during his Tiny Desk appearance). Ultimately, it’s decided that nothing beats getting together in person and he attempts to do just that. We’ll leave how exactly he decides to do that for you to see, but be warned that it is one of the sweetest and funniest things we’ve seen in a music video.

With him teasing new songs, we have a feeling that this video won’t be the only newness we’ll be getting from DUCKWRTH in 2021. We won’t get ahead of ourselves, though. Take in this latest dose when you press play.

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