Cautious Clay Has A Case Of Heart Burn On ‘Wildfire’

Photo Credit: John Daniel Powers

If you’ve become a fan of Cautious Clay over the past few years like we have, it might surprise you to learn that the talented singer/songwriter/producer has yet to release a full-length project. That will soon change when he releases his debut album Deadpan Love on June 25th. In the meantime, he’s kept our interest piqued with a handful of memorable singles — including his newest release, “Wildfire.”

The emotional tune begins like an acoustic ballad, with Clay’s tender vocals accompanied by sparse guitar chords. He wears his vulnerability on his sleeve as he sings, “Your eyes are like weapons / Your lips could teach lessons / Don’t use ’em so reckless / ‘Cause for you I’m helpless.” The track eventually builds into something more dynamic with dreamy synth, tambourine and handclaps.

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In a statement, the singer expounds on the song’s theme by saying, “‘Wildfire’ explores the fact that people’s intentions sometimes get lost in translation. Good intention is not always enough to prevent people’s emotions and insecurities from spiraling. Subtle signals or cues can unintentionally ignite emotions — like a brush fire.”

Scroll down to hear the studio version of “Wildfire,” currently packaged as a teaser EP with previous singles like “Roots” and “Karma & Friends.” Afterwards, watch Cautious Clay give a flawless acoustic performance (with Jake Torrey on guitar), punctuated by a melodic flute solo. Deadpan Love is currently available for pre-order via all major retailers.

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