B~Free & Durand Bernarr Give Us A Confident Bop With ‘Hate 2 Luv’

As the weather warms, we’re gonna need a soundtrack to go out and have a good time in the summer that sees the world open back up due to vaccination and — hopefully — herd immunity. A few folks have already started contributing some jams to get us going and now B~Free and Durand Bernarr are adding to that growing list with their jam “Hate 2 Luv.”

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“Hate 2 Luv” takes the duo into house territory, with a shuffling groove and keys acting as the base. The two still keep it jazzy and soulful, though, thanks to impeccable harmonies and expert timing. While the music is fun, B and Durand take on a topic to which many can relate: jealousy. They confront it from many angles, including sensing it in oneself and getting it from others. However, they come to the conclusion that we’re all fly in our own right without having to hate on someone else. “Why can’t / Why can’t we be / Successful doing our own thing / Encourage / Don’t hate please / There’s room for everybody,” they sing in unison at one point, adding a bit of positivity into the mix while encouraging us to let our lights shine bright.

The track, which was made after Durand solicited artists to collaborate with him while the world was on lockdown last summer, is the first collaboration between B~Free and Durand Bernarr. But with the end result coming out this great, we highly doubt it will be the last. Get into their jam below.

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