Anieszka Wants You To Be 'True' To You

Photo Credit: Hassan Abdallah

In a world of forces competing to shape you into anything other than what you truly are, the new single from Australian singer-songwriter Anieszka ‎feels like an audible load off. “True” is the breath of fresh air we all needed and is poised to become the "free to be me" anthem of the summer. Over a lively track reminiscent of Kaytranada-style vibes, her angelic tone floats effortlessly as she declares, “There’s space for you to be you.”‎ She describes the tune as a “testament” that “makes us question how we connect with ourselves and the validity of our expressions.”

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This latest offering follows “Presence,” released earlier this year and also produced by Chelsea Warner. She says her music thus far, “tells the story of her creative journey and showcased her experimentation with different genres and vocal/songwriting styles.” Her nonconformity to current trends has led her to the ears of fans worldwide and to some of the biggest media platforms across Australia and the UK. She says, “I want my music to be like a friend to people – like an entity that someone can turn to and they can heal through. Someone they can connect with and reminisce with. That’s what I want it to be."

Bask in your authentic self and give Anieszka’s “True” a spin below. Be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform, and SoulBouncers in Sydney can grab tickets here for her June 3rd show at The Vanguard.

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