Terrace Martin & Nick Grant Warn About Too Much Love On ‘Can’t Let You Go’

Terrace Martin has a warning for us about a thing called love. He and rapper Nick Grant want us to know that loving something or someone too much just might do more harm than good on “Can’t Let You Go.” According to the artist, “’Can’t Let You Go’ is a song that came from the feeling of being in love with someone or something that kills you slowly. Some people are in love with the Internet, or control, or perception, and if you’re not careful those can kill you slowly as well.”

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Produced by Martin, along with Ricky Reed and Nate Mercereau, the sound bed features more of his signature jazz-hop sound with acoustic guitar, live drums, tambourine and a saxophone solo towards the end. Nick’s delivery over Terrace’s production will bring Kendrick Lamar to mind as he spits lyrics like, “Out, ouch, I’m in love with the dope game / Shootouts, a big Benz and a rope chain / God, family and health with some Coltrane / Preach.”

“Can’t Let You Go” will be featured on Terrace Martin’s upcoming album due out later this year. The untitled collection will follow up his project with Dinner Party, the supergroup Terrace formed with Kamasi Washington, 9th Wonder and Robert Glasper. The self-titled EP and the follow-up Dinner Party: Dessert gave voice to the social conscious movement of 2020. We can’t wait to hear the messages Terrace Martin will deliver to our hearts and minds in 2021.

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