Lion Babe Paints A Picture Of Their New Era With ‘Frida Kahlo’

It’s been two years since Lion Babe graced us with their Cosmic Wind, and we’ve been chilling in those vibes ever since. Still, the duo has been hard at work during the pandemic, leaving us to wonder what they were up to. Now we know, as they’ve announced that their third album Rainbow Child is set to arrive this summer. And to give us a taste of what’s to come, they tease us with lead single “Frida Kahlo.”

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Obviously named after famed painter Frida Kahlo and inspired by her free-spirited sense of self, the song is another in a long list of jams that Lion Babe has put out. The track starts with a warm and breezy guitar riff that serves as the melodic base for the song. It expands from there with tropical flute, synth bass stabs and house-ready drums for a dance-able groove perfect for the season. As Astro Raw‘s groove gets us in the mood, singer Jillian Hervey states their manifesto with a mixture of rapping and singing. “If you’re tryna be someone / Go look where you came from / It’s all there / All there for you,” she sings sweetly as she encourages us all to find the artist within. The video picks up on the artistic vibe with bright colors and impeccable styling that channel Kahlo’s work and personality while adding in their own flash and flair to the proceedings.

“It’s been two years since our last baby. The wind carried a new world. New fear arrived, and old ways subsided. So we built a rainbow to carry us over,” the duo wrote on Instagram while revealing the song and video. “Now it is time to color in all of the darkness. To dance in the rain. Art always follows pain, but our love never wanes. Honored and abundantly energized to finally share what we have been creating since 2020. What a beautiful day. Stay tuned.”

We’ve never been shy about our love for Lion Babe, and we aren’t going to start now. Stoke your anticipation for Rainbow Child when you check out the latest from the duo below.

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