J.PERIOD Announces Debut Album ‘Story To Tell’ & Taps Dave Chappelle, Black Thought & Tiffany Gouché For Lead Single ‘All In Your Head’

Brooklyn-based DJ and producer J.PERIOD announced that he will be releasing his debut album Story To Tell, and music enthusiasts everywhere couldn’t be happier. As if the news itself wasn’t enough to have to us all chomping at the bit, he saw fit to gift us with an introduction to this audible journey with the lead single “All In Your Head.” The track elicits an instant head nod and kicks off with welcoming narration by the one and only Dave Chappelle. We’re locked-in for his instructions to “Tune your speakers for maximum bass response and enjoy the show” before Black Thought elevates it all with his signature flow and Tiffany Gouché’s rich vocals glide effortlessly over the beat.

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Story to Tell will blaze musical trails in three acts, with Chapter One described as “a collaborative endeavor that blurs the lines between song and story; between Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, ‎Reggae and Salsa.” ‎Unlike anything we’ve seen before, the project promises to be a “web of creative impulses that flows like a mixtape, and bangs like a blockbuster. A new kind of musical storybook, and an eye-popping, ear-opening ride.”‎ Given the gamut of his previous work and collaborations, J.PERIOD’s new project is sure to bring together a masterful selection of artists to create a concoction of genres that is sure to appeal to the masses as well underground crate-diggers.

Ride out with J.PERIOD’s “All In Your Head” featuring Dave Chappelle, Black Thought and Tiffany Gouché below, and be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform. Story To Tell (Chapter One) is set to drop on April 30th on Truelements Music/RBC Records.

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