Drew Makes An Unforgettable First Impression With 'Last Call'

With all the musical dynasties out there, it goes without saying that talent rarely skips a generation. So when she can call someone as musically gifted as Avery*Sunshine her mother, is there any surprise the singer-songwriter Drew is equally gifted. Her name had already been bubbling up thanks to her production work with acts like Cousin, but now Drew makes a big leap with the release of her debut single "Last Call."

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Starting out with a music box-like melody, the production on "Last Call" unravels into a gauzy sound bed of synths, guitar and the gentle tapping of a drum. While this sounds like the perfect backdrop for a sensual jam, it's actually a defiant statement. The "last call" referenced in the title is Drew giving one last chance for a lover to stake their claim before she's on to the next. "I said I'd be down for whatever / But I can't wait for forever / We said we'd do this together / Think I'ma chase you? Never," she sings in sweet, layered harmonies on the chorus. While this might seem like quite the demand, her request isn't unreasonable as she lays out her reasons and reminds that there's "no pressure" on this decision as she's going to do her regardless.

"Last Call" is a stunning first release and one that she kept all in the family. Drew took on the performing, programming and producing tasks herself. However, she turned to Cousin for co-writing duties and Dana "Big Dane" Johnson handled the mixing and mastering. Them all coming together made sure that we wouldn't miss Drew's opportunity to shine, and we can't wait to get more from the rising star.

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Check out "Last Call" when you press play and be sure to support a young artist and pick up your own copy of the track.

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