Pink Sweat$ & Kehlani Have The Best ‘Worst’ Love Story Ever

Pink Sweat$’s “At My Worst” was already a bop for us when the Philly native shared it with us last year. And we weren’t mad at the addition of Kehlani on the remix; her vocals work really well with Disney-esque, “What A Wonderful World” vibe of the track. Now we have a short, sweet and very creative video to accompanying the remix.

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The concept of the clip sees two imperfect strangers having a chance meeting that ends up sparking something more between the two. The video starts with Pink pulling up to a gas station in the desert in an El Camino with a truck bed full of pink flowers. Kehlani comes through soon after in an old school drop top with yellow flowers in the backseat and sporting a yellow bodycon dress. While Kehlani is in the store doing a little seed shopping, Pink decides to put a few of his own blushing buds on her dash. Later, both budding botanists are in their own homes raising flowers from their new crushes. In the end, they both pull up back at the gas station and exchange flowers and feelings.

Speaking of flowers, both artists deserve accolades for their creative output during the big panini of 2020. Kehlani released her critically acclaimed album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, which is still pretty great in our book. Pink Sweat$ has also kept the hits coming, first with his EP The Prelude that dropped last July and most recently on his debut album PINK PLANET, which he released in February.

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