Doja Cat Steams Things Up & Does The ‘Silhouette Challenge’ In ‘Streets’

If there’s one thing that Doja Cat is going to do, it’s create a viral hit. She did it last year with the TikTok success of  “Say So” and she’s done it once again with her single “Streets.” The song, which everyone heard when it was used as the musical score of all those #SilhouetteChallenge videos, was featured on her 2019 effort Hot Pink and rose on the charts thanks to its viral success. Now she’s capitalizing off that popularity by releasing an official video for the track.

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She starts things off by playing up on the challenge that brought the song fame, with Doja catching the eye of actor Kofi Siriboe as she puts it all on display in a store window. Kofi continues to play into the fantasy of it all as he joins her in several scenes, including a rain-soaked one in which he appears to be a ice-grilled zombie jockeying for her attention. There are several other scenes in which Doja tries on different personas, each just as steamy as the next. Of course, this all turns out to be a fantasy for Kofi while the real Doja sits behind him in the taxi he’s driving waiting to get to her location.

With Hot Pink heading toward its second anniversary at year’s end, we doubt that we can expect another single or video from the set. But if TikTok wants to make another one of her songs hit viral status, who knows how generous Doja Cat will be feeling? Watch her get seductive with it in “Streets” when you press play.

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