Benny Sings Tells A Story Of Love With 'Here It Comes' & Reveals 'Music' Tracklist

We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of Music, the upcoming album from singer-songwriter Benny Sings. He's been teasing us with tracks that showcase his quirky sense of soul since January of last year, when he released the set's title track. Since then, he's dropped two more singles — "Sunny Afternoon" and "Nobody's Fault" — and he's now hitting us with a fourth single, his latest track "Here It Comes."

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Like the singles before it, "Here It Comes" is a simple, straightforward track that finds Benny wearing his heart on his sleeve. This time around, he sings of a chance meeting between two potential lovers that blossoms into something much more. While he tells the story of their meet cute through the weather and surroundings that caused it, a strolling drum beat and dreamy keys and synth underscore it all as it builds to the chorus. "Here it comes / Look at the sun / It's all we need for now / Number 1," he sings on the chorus, celebrating the sunny circumstances (and his sunny outlook) that has brought them to this very moment.

In addition to the aforementioned tunes, six more tracks will be featured on Music when it rolls out on April 9th. The album will also be sporting an impressive group of guests, including Emily KingKYLEMac DemarcoCautious Clay and Tom Misch. Get into both the stream and lyric video for "Here It Comes" below and then stick around to see the album's tracklist.

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Benny Sings Music tracklist:

1. Nobody’s Fault featuring Tom Misch
2. Here It Comes
3. Sunny Afternoon
4. Rolled Up featuring Mac DeMarco
5. Lost Again
6. Break Away
7. Kids featuring KYLE
8. Run Right Back featuring Cautious Clay
9. Miracles featuring Emily King
10. Music

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