Victoria Monét Takes Her ‘Friend' On A Wild West Adventure

Mommy-to-be Victoria Monét recently shared her ode to friends with benefits, “Friend U Can Keep.” (This is a family website, so we’re not going to share the exact name, but we'll just say it's an abbreviation.) The track has all of Monét’s hallmarks, including direct and racy yet charming lyrics. It’s a welcome addition to our adult playtime playlists, which already had a few of her songs from her critically acclaimed album JAGUAR. Now she’s blessed us with a video for the surprising track.

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The visual for “Friend U Can Keep” follows the cinematic style of Victoria’s previous efforts. This time around, though, she decides to have some fun with a Western theme. The clip starts with Victoria riding through the countryside to a bar in a small town. When she arrives, we see a wanted poster with her face on it. Apparently, the singer and her bedazzled cowboy hat are in high demand. All eyes are on her as she walks up to the bar, but before she can order a drink, the barkeep, played by guest star and fellow singer with an apostrophe in her name Tanerélle, is calling the law to snitch. It’s soon revealed that everything isn’t as it seems, however, and the tables are turned on the bounty hunter who's come to collect our leading lady. Strap yourself in for a surprise ending.

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