Victoria Monét Wants To Be A ‘Friend U Can Keep’

If you’ve been following Victoria Monét, then you know that the singer-songwriter (and mommy-to-be!) is pretty direct in her lyrics. Her frankness is what made her debut JAGUAR, one of our favorite releases of last year. Well, Victoria is back at it again with a sexy new single. Its title is a racy acronym that we can’t necessarily put in writing but it’s short for “Friend U Can Keep” (we’ll let you take it from there).

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Victoria links with D’Mile — who seems to be highly in demand these days — and crafts a slow jam for those looking to find a friend with benefits. She sets the scene by inviting a potential buddy back to her crib with the opening verse as the mood is set with echo-y synth. However, by the second verse she makes sure that her intentions are made clear. “I’m just tryna jump your bones / We don’t gotta jump the broom, you know,” she sings. “Might be across the room but in private we be super close / And plus it’s a go, just according to the horoscopes / Lookin’ like the stars align for life.” The chorus then takes us to a sweet spot as she repeatedly sings in a breathy sigh, “I wanna be a friend you can keep.”

If we’re being honest, Victoria Monét had us pretty much from jump on this one. Especially since she turns something that could have been just a vulgar gimmick into a groove that you can’t deny. But the question remains: Will you accept her friendly proposition? Decide for yourself when you take a listen.

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