SoulBounce Exclusive: Bradd Marquis Is All About ‘Love…’ On His New EP

Bradd Marquis has had us under his spell from the first moment we heard him sing a note. With that voice, we had no choice but to add him to our list of Bounce-Worthy artists quick, fast and in a hurry. That urgency to sing Bradd’s praises has returned upon hearing his newest release, the EP Love…, which SoulBounce is delighted to debut in an exclusive world premiere.

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Love… is Bradd Marquis’ attempt to spread love and happiness through his music, and he achieves that feat. “My songs are all about love. Artists need to be putting a lot of love out to try and out-do all the negativity that’s out there,” he shared with us in a statement about his new project. “This is my contribution to that.”

Love is the common theme throughout the EP, which starts with a bang on the bop “The One You Love.” Bradd expresses regret over a lost love on the upbeat song that has “summer jam” written all over it and has us longing for the days of dancing in the streets at a block party or nights under the stars at a music festival. The vibes continue on the mid-tempo cut “Eventually” where Bradd encourages the listener not to give up on love. Marquis sings the blues on “The Thrill Is Gone,” a loving tribute to his dearly departed grandparents and a play on B.B. King‘s classic song of the same name.

Marquis’ 2017 single “Who Let You Go” finds a home on Love… as he marvels over his good fortune at finding such a good woman over head-nodding production. He keeps the love flowing and the party going on the uptempo “Always,” his most recent single and a dedication to his beloved wife who co-stars with him in the song’s music video. The EP’s title cut follows, and it finds Bradd dishing out some real talk about the dualities of love. The seven-track collection ends just as exciting as it began with the explosive rock ‘n’ soul anthem “No War,” where Marquis finds inspiration from Edwin Starr‘s “War” and begs the question “Where is the love in the world?” at its heart.

On Love…, Bradd Marquis is a man who isn’t afraid to love out loud. He shares a piece of his heart on each song and a whole lot of soul throughout with impassioned vocals that are the star of the story. Love… will officially be released tomorrow (Friday, February 26th), but you can enjoy our sneak preview of the EP right here and pre-save it on Spotify or Apple Music.

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