Sidibe Wows With Her Sensual ‘Breathwork’

Sidibe has been taking our breath away for nearly seven years now. Most recently, she did it again with the release of an acoustic version of the title track from her simply beautiful EP Reckless Abandon. She’s not letting us catch our breath just yet, though. Instead, she’s giving us another reason to gasp with the release of her brand-new single “Breathwork.”

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Like the practice it’s named after, “Breathwork” is soothing, calming and quite possibly transcendental. Tranquil instrumentation backs her brilliantly layered vocal arrangements as Sidibe takes us to a sensual space while singing the praises of her lover. “When I thought that nobody cared / With one breath, you were there / With you at my side life feels right,” she sings in a breathy, whispery tone that makes it feel as if she’s leaning in close to tell you a secret. The lyrics are fairly innocent, though the music and subtle choices (like adding in hints of a baritone-voiced somebody on the chorus) make this feel like it could be the perfect bedroom soundtrack.

Normally, this would be the point that we’d speculate on what Sidibe has coming down the pike. This right here makes us want to live in the moment and just enjoy what she’s given us thus far. Take in Sidibe’s “Breathwork” with us when you press play on the soothing track and lyric video.

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