Samm Henshaw Proves It’s Still ‘All Good’ With A Lyric Video

Our boy Samm Henshaw is taking a major leap in 2021. After chafing a bit under a major label, the singer-songwriter is now embarking on a journey as an independent artist. He’s now taking on two major tasks: setting up his own label and the release of his official debut album. While that is a daunting task for any artist, we have a feeling that it’s all good for Samm. Speaking of “All Good,” Samm is keeping it pushing with the promotion of the feel-good single, this time offering us a lyric video for the upbeat track.

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The new visual takes us into what looks to be a photoshoot, or at least the behind-the-scenes footage of one. Samm first sits in the barber’s chair as he kicks the song’s lyrics (which appear in bright pink letters at the bottom of the screen…and occasionally in hair on the floor). Soon, though, we’re taken through a few shots of him rocking some pretty sweet fashions, including tailored suits, shades, bandannas and a gold chain. Samm’s energy is positively effervescent throughout, radiating the mood that the song gives effortlessly.

Let us be the first to wish Samm Henshaw luck on his next artistic journey. And we’ll surely be in line to pick up his debut when it drops later this year. Let his good vibes wash over you in the lyric video when you press play.

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