Rhye Makes It ‘Rain’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

The pandemic has meant that things we once took for granted — like late-night show musical performances — look a lot different. That’s made for a lot of creative decisions in the past year. Rhye, fresh off releasing new album Home last month, got inspired and took advantage of the world starting to open up just a little to make their performance of “Black Rain” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! a bit more special.

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The disco feel of the song probably inspired them to kick it old school, leading the to perform the track center rink at Los Angeles’ Moonlight Rollerway (with the full band and a disco ball in tow). As a few choice patrons skated around in ’70s-inspired garb, the Adidas-clad group launched into the song with their usual ease. There were no tricks or special moments to be found during the set (except for an awkward moment when a skater fell). Instead, Mike Milosh and crew opted to make it all about the performance and the song’s simple, nostalgic groove.

With late-night television being the closest many of us will get to live music until 2022, we really appreciate that folks like Rhye are going the extra mile to keep things entertaining for us. Peep them taking us back to the roller rink days of disco below.

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