Pink Sweat$ Takes Us To ‘Heaven’ Ahead Of His ‘Pink Planet’

Pink Sweat$ has been buzzing around for a few years now. All that buzz is finally leading to the singer’s debut album, Pink Planet, which will drop this week. While we knew it was coming, its sudden arrival has us and his fans feeling quite giddy. Appropriately, his new single and video from the set is called “Heaven.”

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“Heaven” is a dreamy slice of soul all about being in love. With guitar, strings, piano and organ all in the mix, it’s a many-layered aural experience sure to pluck at the heartstrings. “It’s more than a thrill / I’m following what’s real / And don’t get mad when they don’t understand,” he sings of his love on the second verse. “Love you like the time / Pull you close at night / And I won’t let all these waves knock us down.” Swoon-worthy, right? He amps that romanticism up for the beautiful video. We see him and a few friends frolicking on a pink planet that doesn’t seem too far from Earth. While there might be longing glances at the third rock from the sun, where they are truly like heaven as they enjoy each other’s company and smile among the pink-hued foliage.

Pink Planet will arrive this Friday, February 12th and will also feature “At My Worst” and its remix featuring Kehlani. Let Pink Sweat$ take you to “Heaven” when you check out the single and video below.

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