Mya Is Singing Our Love Language On ‘Forever My Love’ & ‘True Love’

Mya decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with a musical gift to her fans. She released not one but two new songs celebrating the many facets of love. The first single, “Forever My Love,” arrived on new music Friday, and she dropped the second track, “True Love,” on the lover’s holiday itself.

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For “Forever My Love,” Mya sings of a love that has transformed her and has her all in. “I’m just not the same without your love, your love / And life’s not really life without your love, my love,” she sings on the opening lyrics co-written with Niecy Nice and MyGuyMars, who also co-produced the track alongside Khirye Tyler. Mars and Tyler supply Mya with a beautiful piano-led ballad that has the potential to become a timeless wedding favorite.

Meanwhile, on “True Love” Mya sings of a different kind of love. This time around, she’s loving on herself and details how everything fell into place from there – even a solid relationship. Co-produced by MyGuyMars and BJ Sims and co-written by Mya and Billy Wes, “True Love” has a ’90s R&B feel and appeal with synths, booming bass and thumping percussion that lends itself to a steady head nod. Over the bumping sound bed, Mya breaks down her new attitude on the first verse, singing, “I tell ’em since the day I met her, I haven’t been myself / Frankly I don’t care, I’m changin’ for the better / But better me than her ’cause honestly, I think she got it all together / I’m lookin’ at the new me.” And after becoming a new woman, she was able to find the right man. “Conversation stimulatin’, everything he do is motivatin’ / He know what to say / Always remindin’ me that I’m a queen / Lover, best friend, ride or die at the same time (my baby) / Life with him’s a dream (my baby),” Mya sings about her king.

Whether you’ve committed your love to another or to yourself, Mya is singing our love language with these new singles. “Forever My Love” and “True Love” are her first releases of 2021, and given the steady clip at which she’s released new music, we’re pretty sure that she’s just getting started. While we wait and see, fall in love with Mya’s latest right here.

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