Ledisi Goes Retro To Give Us The ‘Same Love’

Ledisi has always managed to give us thoroughly modern soul with a touch of old-school feel. That’s why we’re so in love with her most recent album The Wild Card and its latest single “Same Love.” The song itself gives us a quiet storm feel yet keeps us in the current groove. So it’s no surprise that she does the same for the captivating visuals.

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We expected that this would be a more narrative clip given the song’s lyrics. However, we’re transported back to the 1970s in the clip thanks to some inspired décor choices instead. Kitschy wallpaper abounds, as do many items of furniture that signify the era of Afros, bell bottoms and shag carpeting. Ledisi, meanwhile, serves up subtle sex appeal while rocking modern fashions. That includes a stunning black lingerie number that we see on an era-appropriate TV screen throughout the clip and especially during the song’s chorus. There’s a lack of a love interest this go ’round, but a leading man isn’t needed as Led’s charms are more than enough to carry the clip.

If you were craving a flashback to the ’70s or maybe just needed your weekly Ledisi fix, then you’ll definitely enjoy the video for “Same Love.” Get into the groovy yet sexy clip when you press play.

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