Trevor Jackson Finds Inspiration In An Oscar-Winning Film For 'Just Friends' Video

Do you ever wish you could erase all memories of your ex from your mind and go on living without all those thoughts – both good and bad – living rent-free in your head? That was the premise of the 2004 drama Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, starring Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey. But maybe it's not an ex who you want to erase from your memory bank but someone you wish you could have shared a loving kiss or long embrace with? Trevor Jackson runs with that idea as he finds inspiration in the Oscar-winning film in the music video for his latest single, “Just Friends,” while he grapples with wanting to make a close friend something more but settles for being something less.

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The video starts with Trevor picking up the phone to call the object of his affection, but he then experiences intense flashbacks. Next, we see them in a dark room across from each other before scenes flash where Trevor and his leading lady are together but still apart. Throughout the video, Trevor is grappling with his emotions as he “remembers” special moments with his dream girl. But by the end of the video, we see the truth and the light of what’s really going on.

“Just Friends” is the first single from Trevor Jackson’s forthcoming debut album, The Love Language, coming this spring. The 14-track LP embodies the singer's insights and past experiences in love. “It can be whatever those love languages mean to you, but don't settle for anything less than that,” said Jackson. While this will be his first official album, Mr. Jackson has been making a name for himself in the music business for the last decade while the grown-ish star's acting career has also taken off.

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For fans who just can’t wait for The Love Language to drop, they can join Trevor on the road to releasing his debut album by signing up for his Community by texting him (765) 232-3855. Via Community, fans will gain access to all things Trevor Jackson, including exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and previews of his new music.

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