Summer Walker Finds Peace In Her ‘Body’

The past few years have been big ones for Summer Walker. The singer went from unknown to bona fide R&B start thanks to mixtapes, singles and her official 2019 debut Over It. The pandemic might have slowed her momentum just slightly, but it also brought with it another new joy when she announced her pregnancy this past November. Now she flaunts her baby bump in the long-awaited video for her popular Over It track “Body.”

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In the visual, Summer goes for a tranquil feel as we see her lounge in her solitude. That solitude looks absolutely breathtaking, by the way. We first get a glimpse of her taking in the scenery while standing on an expansive balcony before the camera takes us different places it what looks to be a lovingly decorated house seated amidst nature. The black and white of the clip gives her surroundings an even more classic feel. But we’re soon going color for beautiful images of Summer (and her bump) as she stands on the beach staring at blue water as the sun sets.

It’s not exactly the video we were expecting for a song about a lover that’s got her craving for more of his touch. However, the simple visual is more than effective and gives us a chance to focus on the beauty and talent that is Summer Walker.

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