Masego Shows How Much He’s Been ‘Studying’ For ELLE’s ‘Song Association’

We know that Masego is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, singer and rapper, but just how deep does his knowledge of song lyrics go? We get to find out as the “Silver Tongue Devil” artist puts his knowledge to the test as the latest to sit in the hot seat for ELLE‘s “Song Association” video series.

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Masego actually proves to be pretty formidable in the lyrics department. Not only because he’s smart enough to mine his own catalog, but also because he’s willing to pull from some pretty unconventional sources to get the job done. He started out by naming his song “Veg Out” when tasked with the word “waste.” But he started going off the beaten path quite soon with choices like church staple “Got Tell It On The Mountain,” “See The Signs” (a song by Chris Brown and Elmo done for Sesame Street) and “The Wheels On The Bus.” Yes, he really took it there. He also gave us more bang for our buck by going the extra mile and giving multiple songs for certain words while cracking himself up in the process.

With his wealth of lyrical knowledge, it’s no surprise that Masego walked away with a perfect 15 out of 15 for his efforts. That makes him the new king of this here Song Association thing. Check out Sego crushing the competition when you press play, and be sure to pick up your copy of his latest EP Studying Abroad.

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