Ledisi Deals Us More Of Her ‘Wild Card’ With ‘Same Love’

Ledisi definitely had a winning hand when she released last year’s The Wild Card. Though many releases arrived in our laps during this never-ending quarantine, her project was one that we kept finding ourselves drawn to again and again. Of course, this is the norm when it comes to Ledisi. So we’re more than happy to revisit the album with the release of the singer’s latest single, “Same Love.”

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“Same Love” is a soulful track about a love that might not be good for you but feels good when you’re in it. Led describes this via the song’s lyrics. “It don’t get no hotter than July / Baby I’m so happy I replied / Left our inhibitions at the door / We know exactly what we came here for,” she sings. “We ain’t really trying nothing new / I don’t really mind the déjà vu / History is better on repeat.” Underscoring this steamy reunion are strums of guitar and faint keys add depth to the emotions she’s feeling. If you’ve ever found yourself constantly running to get that old thang back or backsliding “just one more time,” then this song is for you.

Ledisi isn’t just promoting The Wild Card at the moment. It was recently announced that the singer will once again portray gospel legend Mahalia Jackson in an upcoming biopic. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of her on the big screen and we’re happy to have her in our ears. Get into “Same Love” when you press play.

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