Hil St. Soul Wants To Take You Away With 'Heaven Must Be Like This' Cover

The Ohio Players’ 1974 hit “Heaven Must Be Like This” is a timeless ballad that has made its way onto many a GTD playlist. Now the classic track has gotten a fresh coat of paint courtesy of Hil St. Soul.

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Hil’s take on “Heaven Must Be Like This” feels very faithful to the original while infusing it with her own jazzy soul style and always enjoyable vocals. She kicks up the tempo a couple of notches, veering from the original's sensuality, which was by design.

While the track is a babymaking jam, St. Soul covered the song with a different purpose in mind: "When People hear 'Heaven Must Be Like This,' I hope it will allow them to go on a euphoric journey with me and switch off from the world’s troubles, even if it’s for a few minutes.”

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Hil St. Soul’s music has a habit of lifting our spirits, and this cover is no different. “Heaven Must Be Like This” follows her collaboration with Regi Myrix on the single “One Life.” There's no word whether or not Hil St. Soul is working on a new album, but our fingers are crossed.

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